Frank Pullano is the Founder and Head Coach of Quest Karate Club.  Frank has over 35 years’ experience and began training in Wado Ryu Karate in 1980 at the age of 10 years old under the instruction of Sensei Meriam Llewelyn within Sei Ki Kan Karate Association who were affiliated to the UKKW before moving onto concentrate on competition Sport Karate (Kumite).


Born in 1970, growing up in Skipton (Yorkshire Dales),  Karate became his passion and he went on to compete, winning many  medals in Kumite (fighting).


Frank has traveled across the UK to train under some of the best instructors/coaches in Karate.

Ticky Donovan (OBE)

Eugene Codrington

Unel Wellington

Vic Charles

Jeff Thompson

Pat McKay

Patricia Duggin

Ritchie Noblet

Roberto Mastrangeli (Swede)

Molly Samuel-Leport (MBE)

Wayne Otto (OBE)

Willie Thomas

Greg Francis

Tyrone White

In 2014 Frank became a Northern Regional Kumite Coach within the English Karate Federation and in 2019 Frank took the position of Head Coach for the Northern Regional Kumite Squad. Frank was awarded his 5th Dan for contribution to Karate in December 2015. 

Frank still believes that in order to keep developing his skills as a coach he continues to train regularly.


Frank's ambition is for Quest Karate Club to grow and develop into a strong Karate Club with the highest standards of coaching and training.