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Q. What is Sport Karate?

Sport Karate is a modern martial art and system of self defence.  Sport Karate is a combination of a multi style martial arts with its dynamic kicking, fast punching. Sport Karate is a thoroughly modern way for the whole family to get fit, have fun & make new friends. 


Q. Will I ever be able to remember all the moves?

When you first start it seems as though your arms and legs have a will of their own. However don't let this put you off, with a little persistence and regular training you will remember.

Q. How long will I have to wait before I take my first belt?

You should be able to take your first belt after eight weeks from your first lesson.

Q. How often should I train?

Ideally twice a week, although it is still possible to learn a great deal if you can only attend once a week.

Q. Is this sport going to cost me a lot of money to get started?

There is an initial outlay, however the cost compares well with most other sports and hobbies.

Q. The classes seem disciplined, is there a reason for this?

Yes, discipline helps to teach responsibility and respect for other people. We teach that Sport Karate is about self-defence as well as for competitions. 

Q. Will I be expected to compete?

People take up Sport Karate for many reasons. Our aim at Quest Karate Club is to offer competitions for those that wish to follow that path but if competing is not for you we focus on fitness, self-defence and a structured grading system. 

Q. What should I wear if I came along to one of the classes?

We recommend you wear loose fitting clothing, a tracksuit or something similar. When you have decided you would like to continue with your training you can order a Karate Suit (Gi) through the Club.

Q. Sport Karate is a contact sport - will my child get hurt or injured?

Safety is priority at Quest Karate Club. As with all sports there is a small risk of minor injuries but no more than football, rugby or any other “non-contact” sports for example. At Quest Karate Club we teach control and make sure all our members are equipped with the correct safety equipment.

Q. Can anyone do Sport Karate?

Yes!! Sport Karate can be enjoyed by everyone, whatever your age, gender or fitness level. Whether you want to take up Sport Karate for fitness, self defence or you have ambitions of being a future champion. We have classes for members as young as 7 years old through to our more mature members. Sport Karate has something to offer everyone.

Q. How can I join the Quest Karate Club? 

Joining is easy, either contact us with your enquiry or alternatively come along to one of our classes and speak to one of our club coaches. 

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